PM Crane Dealer in Berkshire | The Safe Use of Lorry Loader Cranes

Lifting heavy loads is hazardous by nature, especially under tight deadlines or in poor weather conditions. To ensure the site remains as safe as possible, a company should always comply with health and safety regulations. Based in Walton-on-Thames, our firm is the main PM crane dealer for clients in Berkshire. We are also a primary HMF crane dealer, offer a range of crane services, and perform LOLER testing and Euro 6 lorry conversions. As such, we assist by giving your lorry loader the care it requires.

On this page, we look at how to use these cranes safely and reduce the chance of an accident. Please call to discuss our crane services in detail, including LOLER testing within Berkshire.

The Main Cause of Accidents

Poor handling can lead to spilt loads and physical injury. Too much weight or the wrong type of lorry loader can also cause problems such as overturning. Attachments may come loose during operation, posing a risk to workers at ground level and the public alike.  Through improper care, lorry loaders sometimes hit power lines and other vehicles.

Did you know that South East Cranes offers LOLER testing and Euro 6 lorry conversion? Our team will help you stay compliant with all UK legislation.

The Steps to Take

No job should ever come before health and safety, either in Berkshire or the South East. By contacting our PM crane dealers for an annual crane service, LOLER testing and more, your lorry loader will function without issue. You can also rely on our trusted HMF crane dealers for Euro 6 lorry conversions.

Training – Make sure that all loader operators come fully trained in best practices. Anything less risks life, limb and the quality of the project itself. This will help your company comply with BS 7121-4:2010 Code of Practice for the safe use of cranes – lorry loaders.

Inspections – A crane service or LOLER testing will give your crane the care it needs. It also shows that you’re serious about maintaining a high standard in all Berkshire projects. You should assess ground conditions, the status of slings and shackles, and that all workmen stand a safe distance away.

As with all construction work, you must always perform a full risk assessment ahead of time. If you’re looking for a new lorry loader, why not speak with South East Cranes – the primary HMF crane dealer and PM crane dealer in the local region?

Proper Use – Above all, staff must only use truck-mounted cranes under the right conditions. Severe winds and lightning storms can make the area treacherous, causing the materials to swing wildly. By making sure the area remains clear, securing attachments properly and focusing on the task at hand, you make your work site in the Berkshire area safer place to be.

As the primary PM crane dealer in the local area, we perform Euro 6 lorry conversions, LOLER testing, crane maintenance and a wide array of other crane services. Don’t hesitate to speak with our reliable HMF crane dealers for new parts, repairs, as well as crane collection and delivery.

To learn more about the crane services we provide to the Berkshire area, please call 01932 245161 (choose option 3). With over 100 years of shared experience, we areyour main PM crane dealer.


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