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T: 01932 245161
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LOLER Testing in Buckinghamshire | Interesting Facts About Cranes

Here at South East Cranes, we know that hydraulic lorry loaders are key to successfully delivering your project in Buckinghamshire. Aside from their practicality, however, cranes also have a wealth of interesting facts. As the first choice for LOLER testing, crane maintenance, repairs and a range of other crane services, our team knows all about this truck-mounted machinery. If you’re looking for a PM crane dealer or HMF crane dealer that provides the complete service package, look no further than South East Cranes.

Below, we look at some facts about cranes that you might not know. If you need anything from spare parts to LOLER testing at a competitive price, please get in touch with our reliable HMF crane dealers.

They Share Their Name – Have you ever looked for ‘cranes’ in a search engine? If yes, you’ll likely have noticed many of the results focus on the long-necked bird of the same name.

This is because the crane, as used in construction, is actually inspired by the shape of the bird. With a long, slender neck that moves back and forth, it’s easy to see the resemblance.

Remember, all machines in Buckinghamshire need regular servicing and maintenance. Speak to us for LOLER testing or an annual crane service at an affordable cost.

They Date Back Thousands of Years – Although truck-mounted cranes are relatively new, cranes themselves have a documented history stretching back many centuries. The Ancient Greeks created the humble crane to lift and move heavy materials. This process allowed them to construct many imposing buildings, a handful of which remain today.

Modern cranes make light work of tough construction projects and allow the safe transportation of vehicles and materials alike. As time-served PM crane dealers, we cover all your needs, be it LOLER testing, onsite repairs, ongoing maintenance programmes or any other crane services.

They Can Be Truly Massive – If you need large range cranes, our HMF crane dealers can provide them. That said, there exist some truly imposing cranes that dwarf those seen in the Buckinghamshire area. These include ‘Big Carl’. As the world’s largest crane, it stands over 250-feet tall.

In fact, this crane has 96 wheels and demands more than 250 trucks worth of power when it’s time to move.

The largest gantry crane is the Taisun, located in Shandong Province, China. To this day, the Taisun holds the world record for the heaviest weight ever lifted by a crane – 20,133 metric tonnes.

They Need Maintenance – Less fun but more fact, it’s true that any truck-mounted crane needs regular maintenance to stay in optimal condition. If your crane in Buckinghamshire could use professional care, you can rely on us to perform its annual crane service and any subsequent repairs. As your reputable PM crane dealer and HMF crane dealer, our team is always on hand when your business needs us most.

When you bring your Buckinghamshire truck-mounted crane to us for repairs, we provide you with a courtesy lorry. More than just a PM crane dealer, we carry out LOLER testing, MOT preparation and all manner of maintenance work.

Call South East Cranes on 01932 245161 (choose option 3) for LOLER testing or to arrange a crane service. We also perform on-site repairs across Buckinghamshire.


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