T: 01932 245161
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T: 01932 245161
E: info@lorrycrane.co.uk

LOLER Testing in Cambridgeshire | The Main Uses of a Truck-Mounted Crane

The main purpose of mobile cranes is simple: allow busy professionals to shift large items with minimal fuss. Because of the constant strain placed upon them, these machines also need regular upkeep, usually in the form of crane services and LOLER testing. Trusted in Cambridgeshire as a primary PM crane dealer and HMF crane dealer alike, we provide a wide range of services at a cost-effective rate. Our team supplies high-end lorry loaders for an array of projects, from vehicle pick-ups to the safe movement of building materials.

One of the most popular cranes in the industry today is the truck-mounted variety. This type of crane is highly flexible, allowing you to position it in a precise manner. On this page, we look at some of the more common industries that benefit from these cranes.

Do you own a truck-mounted crane that needs a crane service or LOLER testing? Speak with the region’s trusted HMF crane dealers and PM crane dealers by calling 01932 245 161 (choose option 3).

The Construction Business – Working at height is standard practice for many construction projects in and around Cambridgeshire. If you pass by a worksite, it’s highly likely you’ll see a lorry loader nearby. Both mobile and highly versatile, these cranes can lift large, heavy loads with ease. In turn, your tradesmen can work without delay.

One added benefit is the ability to shift abnormal loads of various shapes and sizes. Known locally as the primary PM and HMF crane dealer, we perform a reliable crane service and LOLER testing to ensure the lifting of such loads takes place in a safe environment.

The Film and TV Industry – Although less common, it’s not unusual for a movie set to need a crane for a big stunt or shot. Hydraulic cranes provide the stability needed to keep the camera safe and steady – bringing life to angles that would otherwise prove too challenging. Whether you have an upcoming film or need a crane for more traditional purposes, South East Cranes can help.

We are a reputable PM crane dealer for those in the Cambridgeshire region. Also an HMF crane dealer, our team can visit your site for LOLER testing, to perform a crane service or to supply the perfect crane for your specific needs.

Transport and Heavy Haulage – Mobile cranes do more than just shift materials from one place to another. They also allow for the transportation of these materials between sites across Cambridgeshire and the nearby counties. Be it a vehicle, pallet of bricks or large container, lorry loaders make haulage a far simpler task.

If you operate in Cambridgeshire and need a PM crane dealer, HMF crane dealer or a proven maintenance team, speak with South East Cranes. From ALLMI to LOLER testing, we offer a diverse range of crane services – and always with a customer-focused attitude.

You can see examples of our work on the Previous Projects page.

For LOLER testing, a crane service or design-and-build from a PM crane dealer, please call 01932 245161 (choose option 3). Our experts welcome all enquiries in Cambridgeshire.


T: 01932 245161 (Option 3)
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