Euro 6 Lorry Conversion in Essex, Berkshire, Surrey and the South of England

Euro 6 refers to the sixth round of regulations set by the European Commission aiming to limit harmful vehicle exhaust emissions. Originally introduced in September 2016, this legislation has been around for a while now. However, in September 2020, London’s new Ultra Low Emissions Zone comes into effect. If you drive a van or lorry in London, you must ensure its emissions meet Euro 6 standards. Failure to undertake a Euro 6 lorry conversion can result in hefty fines.

Naturally, this will have a huge impact on businesses utilising lorry loader cranes in the capital and the South of England. South East Cranes provides a wide range of lorry loader crane services throughout this region, including Euro 6 lorry conversions. As such, we can help your business in:

• Bedfordshire
• Berkshire
• Buckinghamshire
• Cambridgeshire
• Essex

• Hampshire
• Kent
• Oxfordshire
• Surrey
• Sussex

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Understanding Euro 6 Lorry Conversions

Your own conversion will depend on the type and size of your vehicle(s). Regardless, a Euro 6 lorry conversion revolves around one thing: reducing NOx emissions.

For smaller vehicles (i.e. with a maximum weight of 1700kg), your conversion usually involves fitting a simple NOx trap. This neutralises the most harmful effects of your vehicle’s emissions, bringing them up to standard.

Larger vehicles (i.e. with a weight over 1700kg) need an SCR, or Selective Catalytic Reduction system. This system injects a reductant – known as AdBlue – into your vehicle’s exhaust stream, neutralising NOx emissions by converting them into nitrogen and water vapour.

euro 6 image 1euro 6 image 2euro 6 image 3

Following on from London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ), more cities are planning to implement initiatives to improve air quality across the UK. To date, the government has mandated five other cities to implement a Clean Air Zone: Birmingham, Derby, Leeds, Nottingham and Southampton.

With more proposals expected elsewhere soon, a Euro 6 lorry conversion from South East Cranes ensures you comply with these increasingly common standards. It also gives you peace of mind that your business is playing its part in creating a cleaner environment.

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