LOLER Testing in Surrey | Your Crane and the Changing Weather

With over a century of shared experience, South East Cranes in Walton-on-Thames is a PM crane dealer for companies across Surrey. Not only that, but we also serve as a primary HMF crane dealer in the local region. From LOLER testing to ensure safe operations to Euro 6 lorry conversions, we offer a reliable crane service that gives our range of clients the machines they need.

No matter the weather, a crane operator should always consider health and safety their first priority. Changes in the British weather can bring fresh challenges, so it’s essential to prepare thoroughly before getting to work in the Surrey area.

Windy Conditions – High winds can force a crane’s load to sway, in turn creating a safety hazard. Winds are often stronger towards the top of the crane, so the higher the crane, the greater the potential impact. Remember, no matter how pressing the job is, you should only operate a crane if you’re confident it can handle the current weather conditions.

As a PM crane dealer, we provide the most reliable machines available and perform in-depth crane service and repair work as needed. Local customers can also contact us for LOLER testing and Euro 6 lorry conversions. We serve as an HMF crane dealer across Surrey but also extend our reach further afield to Essex and Kent.

Thunder and Lightning – The moment you hear the clap of thunder, turn off the power and postpone the heavy lifting until later. Given their height and structure, cranes naturally attract lightning more other Surrey vehicles. It’s also worth checking the forecast to see if a potential storm could hamper your efforts.

If you suspect that your lorry loader crane has been struck by lightning or damaged in the wind, call South East Cranes for a professional crane service. You can also ask us about LOLER testing and Euro 6 lorry conversions.

The Rainy Seasons – For the most part, wet weather shouldn’t impact your crane’s ability to perform. It only becomes a problem when it hampers visibility or if ground conditions become too slippery. As a PM crane dealer and HMF crane dealer in the Surrey area, our well-established team provides the finest cranes on the market today. These keep construction projects running on time, even in poor conditions.

In freezing temperatures, it’s advisable to reduce the load weight by around 25%. This is because colder weather can cause a weakness in the crane’s hydraulic systems if severe enough.

If you would like to arrange for a crane service or LOLER testing, then our experts will be happy to oblige. Known in the Surrey area as a PM crane dealer and trusted HMF crane dealer, we also perform Euro 6 lorry conversions throughout the region.

Are you looking for a PM crane dealer in the Surrey area? You can also call 01932 245161 (choose option 3) to arrange for a crane service and repairs following stormy weather conditions.


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